How to Use Exercise to Overcome Abuse and Bullying and Heal Your Brain


Most therapists, doctors, and mental health professionals recommend exercise to combat depression and anxiety caused by abuse and bullying. However, at no fault of their own, they rarely offer a specific plan. That is because until now it has not been out there. But that has changed recently.

For the first time, we can align exercise routines with mental health issues for recovery. We can align changes to the brain that occur with specific mental health issues with specific movements designed to heal affected brain areas and make people feel better.

In this case, we are focused only on the long-term effects of abuse and bullying on the brain and how to heal the brain using a specific exercise routine. Chronic abuse shrinks or thins out the prefrontal cortex (front brain) and medial temporal cortex (deep, center brain) regions of the brain. This causes long-term emotional, social, and cognitive impairment. People who have been abused face problems that include difficulties planning, making decisions, and moderating social behavior. This causes a lifetime battle with anxiety and depression.

The first thing for anyone who has been victimized by abuse or bullying to understand is that the changes that occurred in your brain were the direct result of what someone else did to you. These changes in your brain are not your fault nor were they under your control. They were natural defense mechanisms. But the good news is that we now know exercise positively affects these same structures (prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex) that abuse and bullying hurt. Regular exercise increases the thickness of these thinned brain areas, healing the brain.

But, here is the critical point — different exercises affect the brain differently and it has to be a specific type of exercise structured in a specific way to help you. To combat the effects of abuse and bullying we have to use a specific exercise plan. Outlined here is an easy program to help you get started and use for however long you would like. Follow these steps for immediate results that will add up over time.

Step #1: Choose one exercise from the list below

Walking, jogging, and/or running
Elliptical training
You are probably asking, why these forms of exercise only? The reason is that they are simple, rhythmic exercises that use patterns. The abused brain needs a consistent and predictable environment to heal. Additionally, as we will see later, chaotic and high-intensity exercise produces stress chemicals that actually cause anxiety!

Step #2: Get started

Literally, just start moving. You might be uncomfortable at first. It is normal. Most everyone is, and that is because during the first two minutes of exercise your heart and body are adjusting to the exercise. During this time your brain is beginning to respond to the pattern of walking, jogging, or stepping.

Give it 10 minutes and the endorphins or feel good chemicals will kick in making it easier. By 10 minutes the oxygen-rich blood has made its way to your brain. The prefrontal cortex (one of the areas affected by abuse and bullying) relaxes, creating a controlled environment abused brains crave. You’re in the “zone” and need to stay there for about 20 minutes. This is when your brain begins to heal.

Answers to your common questions:

How fast should I go? A moderate, comfortable pace. You should be able to talk, but not hold a detailed, lengthy conversation.
What if I cannot complete 20 minutes at once? Stop, rest, focus on your breathing, and start again. Do not sit down!
Some of the effects of exercise are immediate. Things like the endorphin kick and the increased sense of well-being you can feel right away. You will also feel good for about two hours after exercise because your brain will be getting more blood creating euphoria and a more productive and creative environment.

But for the long-term healing to truly take place, you will need to give it three to four weeks of four to five sessions per week of 20 minutes each. And you will have to keep it up. Just as muscles begin to lose mass after 48 hours of last activity, the brain requires constant engagement too.

One final note about exercise for recovery — we have all been told that we have to work out harder and follow difficult routines to see results. That is simply NOT TRUE! In fact, the opposite is true and we have had it wrong about the value of high-intensity exercise and programs that rely on “muscle confusion”. Prolonged high intensity, chaotic exercises that use too many different movements is counterproductive. These forms of popular exercise actually increase anxiety! They stimulate the release of pain and stress chemicals that cause worry.

Having said that, that is why simple, rhythmic exercises like cycling are recommended to heal the abused brain. Just get moving — whether you take a walk outside or on a treadmill take that first step to realizing the happiness that you deserve!

26 February 2017 |

What is Stress ?


We have all heard of term Stress and how it can affect our Health!.

We all have days when we can feel overwhelmed. Days when things just don’t seem to be going our way from the minute we get out of bed. No matter what we do we feel like it’s just going to be “One of those Days”!

We may end up with doing big sighs throughout the day, feel like pulling our hair out and shouting AAARGHHHHHH!!

What is Stress

 It can be hard to change your mindset out of a thought pattern sometimes, like the thought; “Things are just not going my way”. (more…)

25 January 2017 |



Psychotherapy — also called talk therapy, therapy, or counseling — is a process focused on helping you heal and learn more constructive ways to deal with the problems or issues within your life. It can also be a supportive process when going through a difficult period or under increased stress, such as starting a new career or going through a divorce.

Generally psychotherapy is recommended whenever a person is grappling with a life, relationship or work issue or a specific mental health concern, and these issues are causing the individual a great deal of pain or upset for longer than a few days. There are exceptions to this general rule, but for the most part, there is no harm in going into therapy even if you’re not entirely certain you would benefit from it. (more…)

18 January 2017 |

The Importance of Breathing! Breathe yourself to Happiness


“..the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

Bob Dylan

I had never really understood the meaning of these famous lyrics until recently. I was watching a film the other day about Native American Indians and they mentioned how it is important to listen to the wind. They said that the answers they seek are found by listening to the wind. It is easy to gloss over these comments, phrases and lyrics but the truth behind them has now dawned on me. (more…)

16 January 2017 |

4 Steps to Becoming a Better Healer


4 Steps to Becoming a Better Healer

We all know that eating healthily, exercising and looking after our stress levels is paramount to our own  well being but how else can we intentionally raise our vibrations in order to be stronger, more intuitive and better healers?

How can we be sure to pass on positive energy to our clients and not pick up negative energy from them?

How can we heighten our intuition to better serve our clients?

  1. Remove our own energy blocks and emotional baggage.

There are many ways and modalities to choose from to help us identify and release our own emotional baggage and this is a priority for any healer if we are to lead by example.  Emotions, like everything,  are energy and they get trapped within us at moments of high stress when our bodies can’t process them and they become lodged as energy blockages.  Different emotions vibrate at different frequencies – the more positive the emotion, the higher the frequency.  Like attracts like.  Emotions of the same frequency will attract each other so if we have low vibrating trapped emotions (more…)

16 January 2017 |

DuoLife Ireland Day and Night | Diet supplement

DuoLife Day and Night | Diet supplement

DuoLife Ireland is an innovative product on the market. It was created by Polish experts and a Polish producer accordingly to the highest international quality standards.

DuoLife is a venture where everybody can find a place for themselves using very attractive forms of cooperation.

The motto that we followed from the very beginning of creating the project is:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” (more…)

29 November 2016 |

Indian Fig Opuntia Oil – natural botox for your skin!!!

Indian Fig Opuntia Oil

Indian fig opuntia oil – natural botox for your skin
a revelation in anti-wrinkle skin care

Indian Fig Opuntia – a plant from the cactus family that has been riveting the attention of skin care experts and manufacturers. It comes from hot regions of Latin America, Europe and Africa. Its fruit is harvested only once a year, after which it is dried in the sun, and then its flesh is removed to retrieve the tiny, extremely precious seeds. It is the seeds that are used for the production of currently the most expensive oil in the world – an absolutely special oil (not to be confused with widely available cheap macerate Opuntia oil). Just the cold-pressing process of the seeds is extremely time consuming and expensive. This is because the seeds are small, but have very thick shells. In order to produce one litre of oil, it takes approximately one million seeds from almost 500 kilos of fruits. The Opuntia oil offered by our company comes only from organic crops; thus, the product you purchase is of the highest quality, unrefined, rich in precious fatty acids, vitamins and other valuable mineral ingredients. (more…)

18 November 2016 |

The World is Waking Up and it’s Magic to Watch by Phillip J. Watt’s


The World is Waking Up and it’s Magic to Watch

It’s inspiring to witness many of the earth’s people, especially in the Western world, becoming aware of the deep corruption in our social system, particularly because society is building its innate capacity to actually do something about it.

More and more people now understand that we are ruled via a corporatocracy where the money supply, banking, governmental policy and other vital public infrastructure has been hijacked by the oligarchs and the corporate elite. In addition, public discourse and the official narratives are dictated by the corporate media who are owned by the same people who control macro public policy via their political puppets, as well as the unprecedented wealth they have at their disposal.

Their ultimate agenda is of course ultimate power, which is dressed up in a pretty dress of “let’s save the planet!”. Of course the degradation of our natural systems needs a fresh approach, yet their covert game to win a planetary control-system has been brilliantly exposed for the world to see.


29 October 2016 |

Activation of Kundalini – Recovery of your true nature


What is Kundalini?

For me, the soul is flowing stream of consciousness, the source and back. The balanced state is the eternal flow of creativity, represented symbolically as number 8. You are then able to creatively alignment with the divine, every step you feel a connection with the universe, and in your ears is harmonized orchestra sounds. It is as if every action was supported and even when your creative character is locked in the material world by something or someone, you are still able to appreciate the deeper meaning – a deeper learning that all events are invited contributors to the realization.

This flow is the flow of creativity balanced soul. It is the kundalini. (more…)

15 October 2016 |

Complementary and Alternative Therapies the Difference


What is the Difference between Complementary and Alternative Therapies?

Complementary and Alternative Therapies can be referred to as Holistic Medicine, which is a type of healing that considers the whole person; mind, body, spirit and emotions, to help the person reach optimal health and wellness. If people have imbalances; physical, emotional, or spiritual in their lives, it can have a negative effect on their overall health and create the conditions for illness or disease to occur.


14 October 2016 |
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