A Holistic & Massage Therapist currently based in Dublin with a number of months of the year as the Holistic Therapist at Suryalila Yoga retreat center in the South of Spain. My therapies are available from IYoga Studio in Phibsboro and also in Dublin 2 and Swords upon request. I have trained in a wide range of healing therapies and have expanded my knowledge to combine parts of all my study’s, aiming to utilize the most effective parts, based on your own needs to bring you the most well rounded treatment that is totally tailored to you. I aim to work on all levels of self to create the most Holistic & healing therapy that is possible for you in that moment of time. You can have a combination of the available therapies, as above, or you can opt for a single style of therapy, which can be equally effective. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will have happy to help.


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