What is Axial Reconnection Therapy?

Axial Reconnection Therapy is a system of techniques that helps the healing energy which is latent or dormant in the individual to circulate efficiently. For this to happen there are certain energy centres (chakras) and connected channels between these energy centres that should be opened and aligned in a certain pre-established order.

These latent energies contain all the human potential of physical and emotional health and once they are properly channeled it awakens the potential of light that is in each of us.

What Axial Reconnection Therapy produces is the activation of the permanent bridge between the individual and their Divine potential, so this potential can express gradually in their Being.

They are a series of simple techniques that hold ancient technology forgotten by mankind and that we are now again beginning to remember, to thereby increase ones health and bring to light the perfection of existence.

The Retrieval

The initial treatment called The Retrieval consists of 5 sessions weekly (every 7 days). It is recommended to have the 5 sessions to see the full benefits of this therapy, however one can also have a basic treatment on its own.

During the process of this first Reconnection, a deep cleansing of memories and personal negative energetic loads and those which we have inherited from our ancestors is carried out.

As a result the aura’s energy undergoes a major expansion activating the heart and the crown chakras, producing a profound encounter with oneself.

Cellular Update

To have this treatment, the client must have previously done the Retrieval technique which would have activated the heart chakra.

The Cellular Update involves the renewal of the information content of our cellular system.

This technique takes about five months to complete its effects and over this period many physical changes occur. One is the increasing vitality and rapid recovery of the systemic imbalances in the physical body. The cells and tissues of the body have shown extraordinary and extremely positive reactions to this treatment.



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