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At Dublin Vitality Centre, we combine clinical ingredients with holistic practices to create a clean, non inflammatory and results driven approach to skin rejuvenation. In our treatments, we use natural products which are paraban free, vegan, organic and which compliment overall body wellness. Whether you choose to undergo IPL laser, microdermabrasion, skin needling, red vein removal diathermy, nano needling, holistic facials or Vitamin A revita peels, at Dublin Vitality Centre, you can be sure that the skin treatment you receive uses solutions that target aging and skin conditions at source and that are free of toxic chemicals, SLS, phthalates, parabens, animal testing, artificial colours and fragrances. That’s because, at Dublin Vitality Centre, we mix a fresh cocktail of enzymes, herbs, nutrients and minerals to suit your specific skin concern, every time. But that’s not all. Because our philosophy is based on combining the best of “holistic” and the best of “medical”, the skin nutrients used by us contain an advanced liposomal delivery system which enables the natural product to penetrate the skin deeper than other organic topicals. This means that not only are you receiving the purest ingredients in your skin treatments, but that absorption of these natural ingredients is super boosted for exceptional results. Considering undergoing a course of colonic hydrotherapy to clear skin, increase hydration, remove toxins and boost skin in a way that you wont believe.


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