Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, A Channel for the Pleiadians since childhood.

I offer Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings, Angel Cards, Angelic Healing, Psychometry Readings, Crystal Ball, Past life Readings, Soul Readings,
Messages from the Angels, Photograph Readings, Shamanic Practitioner, New Pleiadian Healing, Dream Interpretation, Natural Healing, Healing with Colour,
Light, Sound & Crystals, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Missing Person/s, Police Work.

Mediumship for Individuals and the whole family in the comfort of your own home!

All services are available to individuals and groups, parties, hen parties and as a family group in the relaxing comfort of your own home.
All the above are available on Skype.

Internationally Renowned, A Channel for the Pleiadians since childhood, Starseed, Spiritual Teacher, Unique Psychic Medium, Lightworker, Clairvoyant, Mystic,
Indigo, Visionary.

Skype Readings, Online Readings, Telephone Readings, Hen Parties, Parties, Individual Readings, Discounts for Groups.
I am a unique Psychic Medium with amazingly accurate results offers in-depth Soul Readings, Skype Readings are available internationally.

I have over twenty years of experience and offer a range of services from Angel Cards, Psychic Readings and Mediumship. I am also a genuine Channel for the Pleiadians and a Shamanic Practitioner. I often work with Archangel Micheal, Merlin, and Jesus, having had a unique experience with Jesus at the age of 12. My book is called The Pleiadian Child which includes details of this unique experience.

I have been seeing and connecting with spirit and my own guides since childhood and I have gone on to study the esoteric extensively and have trained and completed many courses including Shamanism, Holistic Therapies and Reiki.

I have videos of interviews on YouTube and on my own website.
I have published a book called The Pleiadian Child.
I have been interviewed by Spirit Radio and Westport Radio.
I have had articles published about me in Woman’s Way and Spirit and Destiny Magazines.
I have many years experience in Mediumship and use the angel cards, crystal ball, psychometry, photographs and offer a range of different readings and services. I have also worked for the police in missing persons cases in the UK, Ireland and America. I have appeared on radio and magazine publications and worked at psychic fairs in Ireland.



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