Claudia Louch is an internationally-renowned natural holistic skin specialist, nutritionist and health scientist operating from her Harley Street Clinic in London.

The Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic is very different to conventional skin clinics in that it utilises the very best in cutting-edge natural and conventional skin science, Phytomedicine (plant-based medicine) and botanical skincare to harness the healing potential of the body’s own immune system. A vast array of skin conditions are successfully addressed this way, from rosacea and dermatitis to psoriasis, acne, eczema and many more, including general skin complaints such as skin dryness, oiliness and skin ageing.

Every patient at the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic is treated as an individual, with entirely bespoke and personalised skin therapy plans and formulations, tailored to each individual’s skin requirements from the inside-out, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Claudia Louch counts high-profile personalities among her patient list and is a recognised professional in her field. She is called upon regularly by the media for her respected opinion, including an appearance as the chosen nutritionist on BBC2 documentary The Supersizers and contributions to publications such as Times, Natural Health, Natural Pharmacy, Daily Mail, Observer, Healthy Magazine, Woman and Home and the Sunday Telegraph published recently a very insightful interview with Claudia Louch. Claudia Louch has also been elected to judge the 2014 Natural Skincare Awards and you can read all about her Media contributions and Clinic Reviews on our website.


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