This will be Diana’s last time in Belfast as she is passing most of her work onto her qualified Teaching team so this is very special & magical day with like minded friends . ‘ Serve the Planet & receive from the Angelic Realms ‘ – Dusky Pink Dragons from Andromeda to place their transcendent love into our chakras so that we become a flame of love . Aquamarine Dragons will bring forward your psychic abilities & deep wisdom held in your soul.

You will connect with some high frequency dragons like the Golden Christed Dragon & others who can clear past life energy so that your spiritual progress advances  while Archangel Raphael  & his Emerald Dragons will bring your healing abundance – we will learn to be able to connect with the Souls of various animals & then create a vast portal for animals to assist animal kingdom

For personal happiness & serve the planet he will practice some powerful spiritual manifestation techniques that they used in Golden Era of Atlantis

£95pp – sent text message at this stage to 07801988856 for enquiries  -DON’T MISS OUT …




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