Can we change our fate, does karma rule completely or are we in charge ( At least partially ) of our destiny ? What is holding you back in life, and how to change it ?

Welcome to RAYESTE Karmic analysis…

The most important is that you realise that you, yes you, can influence your life directly, being passive doesn’t pay off : so how to become more happy and fulfilled through wisdom, awareness and mindfulness…in a world where smartphones and mindless entertainment took over the most of Western minds ?!?

I do not promise miracles and no easy solutions…However, with more than 15 yrs experience in esoteric field and JYOTISH (Vedic astrology) i can light up your path, offer you karmic diagnostics based upon your chart analysis, also can provide REIKI and psychotronic healing, energy body clearing, work with your thought patterns and limiting self beliefs , quality Tarot of Marseilles reading, esoteric coaching and spiritual counselling and more…but are you READY for a change, profound and lasting change in your life, on a deep level ?

Look no further : email : , or call me

+48604189568 ,   +34695097988

Consultations via phone, email, Skype… You can pay via paypal as well. Prices from 25 eu ! So contact me immediately. Why wait ? This ancient, Vedic knowledge can make you more joyful and positive in your daily life. Do you really desire to grow in your life and change permanently for the better ? So I am here to help. Your questions…?!?  

Rayeste esoteric counselling, ( Small entreprise registered in France, )

Maciej Bielawski


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