My name is Stuart Morgan-Ayrs, born in Wales, living in Scotland and working in Scotland and Ireland. I have been a therapist since training 1993-6.

My first accreditation was through my diploma 1993-6 (externally verified through NVQ) in Humanistic counselling, Psychodynamic Analysis (Psychoanalysis), Cognitive Behavioural Analysis, and Clinical Hypnotherapy (including Cognitive Behavioural and Ericksonian). This is a UK CNHC Hypnotherapy regulator route.

My next accreditation several years later was with the National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, again in Psychodynamic, Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioural psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy.

I have also completed the accreditation process for the National Council of Psychotherapists, and the International Council of Psychotherapists, with whom I am fully accredited and a Fellow.

I am also a Fellow of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts, the Royal Society for Public Health (UK), the Institute of Health Promotion and Education (UK). As well as my professional accreditation I have a MSc Psychology, a BSc(Hons) IIT specialising in human resources and systems modelling, and a BA(Hons) Open specialising in Psychology and Philosophy.

I am a published course, book chapter and journal article author in my professional field. I am also an NVQ Level IV Training and Development qualified trainer.

My therapy work is multi modal, meaning I am fully qualified and accredited in multiple models of therapy. Therapies include:

Psychoanalysis (psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, active mindfulness, systems, language based, hypno-analysis)
Clinical Psychotherapy (psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive behavioural)
Clinical Hypnotherapy (including Cognitive behavioural, Sports and Ericksonian)
Mindfulness: MBSR, MBCT, teaching Mindfulness, DBT based, Naikan, Morita
Life coaching, psycho-education and NLP
I specialise in basing therapy around research evidenced effective therapy models, and making the overall treatment holistic and customised to the individual or couple. I am registered on both the CNHC and FHT Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers (hypnotherapy category). PSA AR’s are a UK scheme for healthcare professionals not subject to statutory regulation.

Issues I work with include:

Depression and Bipolar
Anxiety and Stress
Anger management
Eating, mood and personality disorders
Self harm
Public speaking and performance
Sports hypnosis and NLP
Mental Health issues, evidenced treatments and training to manage them better
Positive personal narrative and psychology
PTSD, OCD and other mental health issues not listed
Managing the psychological component of weight management (and partner is a nutritional therapist so nutritional advice can be provided)
Spiritual and pastoral issues: multi faith and multi model, only if requested.
LGBTQI* friendly AND experienced!
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