My name is Patricia Sillard and I am an experienced certified Clinical Therapist and Energy Psychology Practitioner. Empowerment within is run by me and it regroups highly dedicated partners for the betterment of Emotional health.

My mission statement is to assist you in achieving and managing Emotional well being so you can reach a balanced and fulfilled life. My unique approach based on over a decade of professional experience with Children and adults in assisting recovery from Eating Disorder and Emotional Distress in various therapy centres, will provide you with positive life changes, guidance to break free from negative programming and pre-conditional thinking in order to achieve Emotional fitness.

Who can benefit from MY approach:

– Absolutely anyone who is looking to reach a fulfilled and balanced life,

– Anyone who has difficulty to identify and name an Emotional disturbance causing a physiological disturbance ( e.g Insomnia , sleeping too much, fatigue, headaches, stomach aches, panic attacks , nausea, difficulty to swallow when eating…..)and who is looking to overcome the disturbance,

– Anyone who needs support to instil positive believes; rewrite past; access preconscious trauma; reframe cognitive and shift; resolve core issues; assist with forgiveness….,

– Anyone who is consumed by negative programming and/or pre-conditional thinking leading to Emotional conditions (e.g. Eating Disorder with Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Anxiety, Self-Harming, Depression, Post traumatic stress, Confusion, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Mood disorder, General fears, phobia ..),

– Anyone who is on a Spiritual enfoldment and is awakening to life as part of personal growth,

– Anyone who is in the need to be empowered with constructive coping skills, techniques to navigate through life as his/her own voice and carer.

– Anyone who needs assistance with the Emotional side of retirement.


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