Pure Nature Cures is a natural health and beauty treatments provider and training establishment based in London. The treatments and courses are provided by myself – Galina St George. I have about two decades of experience in the field, am a member of 3 professional organisations – Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and Internation Institute of Holistic Therapists (IICT).

The treatments are available for booking in Central London (Holborn) and North West London (Colindale). I also develop mineral-based treatments and offer training to therapists and the public. The courses are available to study online with an optional offline module. See our website courses.purenaturecures.com for more details.


Stress Management

Do you sometimes feel that life is spinning out of control? Has it been impacting on your sleep, the way you feel physically and emotionally? Stress is not what happens to us, but how we react to what happens to us. Come and let us help you develop an effective strategy of how to deal with various aspects of your life and how to respond to challenges. Sometimes we need to be in control but sometimes we just need to let go. Knowing the difference and acting accordingly is what keeps us balanced. A calm mind is a productive mind. It is also a resourceful mind, able to take decisions which work for us, instead of against us. Stress management is a learned skill and helps us be calm and productive rather than emotional and unproductive. If you feel that you need help with regaining control over any areas of your life, give us a call for a 15-minute free consultation.

Nutrition coaching

A one-off or a number of sessions to help you develop a nutrition and exercise action plan which combined with changes in the mindset will turn your dream of a more healthy, youthful and beautiful you into a lifetime habit – helping you to achieve optimal health and state of mind.

Life coaching

We all come to a point when we want to shine, not just go with the flow. In such moments we need a push and someone to help us make a change so that we can achieve our goals, and really live a life which is full of joy, adventure, love and sparkle. If you are at such a point, let’s brainstorm your options, and follow through with your dreams! Coaching sessions can be arranged by skype or in person.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a treatment which aims to address problems with the muscles, tendons and connective tissues caused by over-exertion and injuries. Sports massage can be booked not only by sports people but also by anyone who enjoys robust deep tissue massage. While it aims to deal with knots, leisures, areas of tension and congestion in the tissues, the result is invigoration, a boost in energy levels, more flexibility in the body, better circulation and a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Magnesium oil massage

The treatment involves holistic body massage using magnesium oil. Magnesium is a powerful natural relaxant and using magnesium oil in massage helps to deliver the mineral to the body cells quickly bypassing digestion. The effect of transdermal magnesium applications is felt within minutes. The massage helps to promote relief from aches, pain, fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety and other physical and psychological issues connected with magnesium deficiency.

Far Infrared Magnesium Wrap

The treatment involved using far infrared heat and magnesium oil to promote relaxation, relief from aches, pain, fatigue, frequent headaches, sleepless nights and much more. See the relevant page on the website for more information about the treatment – https://purenaturecures.com/fir-magnesium-pain-health-management-wrap/


Reflexology involves gently massaging foot reflexes to promote healing and restoration of physical and psychological balance within the body. The therapy is based on the theory of energy channels which pass through the body and connect the reflexes with various areas and organs. Stimulation of the reflexes is said to promote healing within corresponding organs and body parts. It also improves circulation, induces deep relaxation, relief from anxiety, pain, fatigue and gives a boost to energy. It works on the body gently, but the cumulative effect can be profound. Reflexology can be done on various parts of the body. Foot Reflexology has a powerful effect on the body and mind and is enjoyed by many.

Weight Loss Wrap

Far Infrared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap is a treatment developed by ourselves. The therapy involves using far infrared in combination with minerals such as salts, clays and other mineral-rich substances. The use of magnesium salts helps to replenish the mineral in the body which is important for boosting energy and metabolism. Using clays helps to draw toxins out of the body, and far infrared stimulates detoxification, a release of excess water and metabolic activity in general which contributes to weight loss. The process is holistic and should be combined with exercise and healthy nutrition.

Rejuvenating Seaweed wrap

This is another one of the Mineral Wrap treatments developed by ourselves. The focus of the therapy is on transdermal remineralisation and rejuvenation through using minerals such as salts, seaweed, muds and clays, as well as far infrared. Mineral deficiency, especially that of magnesium, is one of the reasons for premature ageing. The treatment aims to promote the sweating out of toxins and replenishment of minerals through the skin. Its other action is the stimulation of cellular metabolism, restoration of the energy processes through the magnesium boost provided to mitochondria and removal of calcifications in the skin. Among other things, the treatment aims to stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin in the skin. But even more than that, the effect of the treatment is not confined to the skin – it affects the whole body. Like with the other wraps, the action is cumulative, although one can see the results even after the first treatment.


Aromatherapy massage involves using essential oils derived from plants in a massage treatment. The oils are selected by an Aromatherapist depending on a client’s needs. Some people want to simply relax and shake off the stresses of life. Others may feel emotionally flat and in need of energising. Oils have their own subtle effect on every one of us, and a combination of certain oils enhances this effect or aims to address a variety of issues. Massage has benefits of its own being either deeply relaxing or invigorating. Sometimes aches and pain need to be addressed, and sometimes the focus is on psychological well-being. It all depends on each individual case, and an approach to a client’s needs is individual. Magnesium oil may be used to add to the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of the treatment.

Mineral facial

A facial treatment which aims to thoroughly cleanse and remineralise the skin, relax the muscles, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, by boosting circulation and promoting detoxification of the cells in the face. And the addition of magnesium oil to the masks aids relaxation of the tissues and helps achieve a more youthful look.

Clay detox wrap

This treatment uses a combination of detoxifying properties of clays and far infrared heat – to promote circulation, sweating and release of toxic waste like heavy metals and organic toxins from the body tissues. The use of Far Infrared promotes sweating and expulsion of toxins from the body, while clay pulls toxins out of the body thanks to a phenomenon called cation exchange. This makes detoxification a much faster process.


Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies is happy to present 5 treatment-focused courses which we have developed ourselves based on many years of working with minerals and far infrared.

The treatments use minerals – salts, muds and clays, as well as far infrared and other tools and techniques.

Minerals are the most ancient healing remedies on Earth. Salts come from the sea, muds and clays from the earth and sea and far infrared is the energy of the sun.

People and animals have been using their powers since prehistoric times – both in health and beauty rituals. Clays were used by Alexander the Great’s soldiers to stave off hunger during long military marches. They also used it to stop diarrhoea, gangrene and food poisoning. In fact, French and Russian soldiers were issued clay rations exactly for these purposes during WW1.

Cleopatra used clay and mud in her beauty masks. They are being used by salons and spas worldwide up until these days. Moreover, clays, salts and muds are being used to treat a large number of health conditions at medical spas worldwide. These include eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis, musculoskeletal problems, fertility issues, as well as conditions related to the circulatory, lymphatic, reproductive, digestive, endocrine, eliminatory and nervous systems.

The courses aim to address issues connected with magnesium deficiency and toxicity – stress, poor sleep, fatigue, internal energetic imbalances, weight problems, poor immunity, water retention, poor circulation, muscle and joint aches and pain, skin problems and more.

Our courses are available for natural health and beauty practitioners and members of the public who want to learn the treatments to improve own health.

Natural Health & Beauty practitioners will qualify for a Practitioner Certificate while members of the public will receive a Certificate of Completion when they have completed all the modules and quizzes.

These are the courses available to study now:

Far Infrared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap Course (therapists)
Far Infrared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap (members of the public)

Far Infrared Magnesium Pain & Health Management Wrap Course (therapists)
Far Infrared Magnesium Pain & Health Management Wrap Course (members of the public)

Far Infrared Clay Detox Wrap Course (therapists)
Far Infrared Clay Detox Wrap Course (members of the public)

Far Infrared Remineralising & Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap Course (therapists)
Far Infrared Remineralising & Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap Course (members of the public)

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Course (therapists)
Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Course (members of the public).

Uses and Benefits of Mineral-based Therapies

  • Transdermal Detoxification. This means the release of toxins due to the use of FIR technology and detoxifying properties of minerals.
  • Weight loss through detox. Our treatments involve profuse sweating which relieves initial water retention, as well as supplying the body with the minerals and the removal of toxins which helps to speed up metabolism and weight loss.
  • Fast transdermal magnesium supplementation – relieves muscle aches, joint pain, general toxicity, nervous tension, stress, insomnia, fatigue, poor immunity, and so much more – thanks to the way magnesium works with the body, being one of the most powerful relaxants in nature.

Our courses are aimed both at therapists and members of the public. An offline practical module is offered to those who are able to travel to London. If you are outside the UK, the courses can be completed 100% online.

Therapists who wish to practise in the UK and Northern Ireland need to be qualified in Anatomy and Physiology and Body Massage in order to qualify for insurance by the UK insurers. You will also need to do the practical 1-day module.

Our courses have been validated by IICT (International Institute of Holistic Therapists). We are working to get the courses approved by CThA and other professional bodies.

You will need to check with your insurers regarding obtaining 3rd party insurance or contact IICT for details of the insurance provider they work with.

For more information, contact me at galina@purenaturecures.com or https://purenaturecures.com/get-in-touch.


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