Having practiced Feng Shui in my home and business for 25 years I then trained  as a Feng Shui Master with International Feng Shui Guild it is the premier professional organisation dedicated to Feng Shui. I had my home Feng Shui 26 years ago due to health reasons and was so happy with the results that my interest and finally study of how Feng Shui works became my sole interest.

Feng Shui originated in the east, the principles of Feng Shui hold universal appeal. People everywhere know the joy of living a life that is in balance and harmony.
Feng Shui explores how the environments in which we live and work affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Our aim with this work is to create homes, workplaces and communities that support us and give us a sense of well-being.
Feng Shui helps us to understand that our homes are extensions of ourselves, they reflect who we are, and they show us our dreams and aspirations. In Feng Shui we uncover areas of our homes/offices/external spaces that may be neglected or out of balance, and we adjust them accordingly. Through the experience of Feng Shui you will discover how changes made to the interior of your home and/or office will be echoed by changes in your life, in your relationships, your wealth, your career and your creativity to name a few.
Feng Shui encourages us to explore our environment with an open mind and a willing heart. A deepening awareness unfolds. Not only do we shape our environment, it shapes us. When we make these adjustments, profound changes occur, not only in these external spaces but in the internal rooms of our own psyche. Miracles happen!



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