I practice Tantra massage, Sensual/Sexual mindfulness, a meditative experience which brings a wealth of benefits. Tantra is a total mind, body soul experience. This truly beautiful therapy raises the natural energy within your body to enable you to truly feel from the heart again. The positive energy raised brings confidence and respect to our body, heightened senses, peace, calm, eventually leading to a blissful state.
The body work and breath work can help to overcome premature ejaculation and low libido and bring a new found respect as negativity within the self is massaged away as positive energy is allowed to flow freely, anxiety and feelings of depression melt away as you body is returned to balanced state.

For couples a deeper level of intimacy can be gained and awakening of the bodies within a beautiful connection.

Tantra massage can be a magical experience awakening the body to new found heights of pleasure.

I also practice Lomi lomi massage to relive negativity and promote calm and well being within the self.

You are welcome to call me to discuss these potentially life changing experiences. Please visit my website for full details of the sessions www.goddessofsensualtouch.com

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