Integrated Energy Therapy works on the electromagnetic energy field of the human body and as such, can have a powerful, positive effect on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It can help address a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to:

Panic Attacks
Acute/ chronic health problems
Back pain
Chronic fatigue
Healing from trauma
Releasing suppressed emotions

Energy pathways in the body can become blocked or restricted due to trauma, exhaustion, emotional crisis, suppressed feelings, stress, fear, and self-limiting thoughts. These blockages can leave us feeling drained, blocked and stuck and can even lead to disease.

IET can help rebalance the energy of the body’s cellular memory, releasing suppressed feelings from different parts of the body and clearing the associated energy blockages. In this way, it can help support the client in the self-healing process and bring the mind and body back into a state of balance and harmony.

‘No matter how deep the issue is and no matter how long you have struggled with it, the possibility exists for you to become absolutely FREE, WHOLE, and HEALED.’

1 hour seession: €60
40 minutes: €40


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