Everything is energy. All the information that determines all aspects of our lives are carried within the quantum (energy) field. When you re-configure your energy matrix, you redesign your life.

When an individual’s energy field is disrupted, it leads to break down in the relationship between the individual and their internal environment, external environment and other people. When this happens, one or more of their relationship suffers – mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing, relationship with partners, family members, friends and colleagues, etc. Other non-conventional relationships also suffer – financial loss, career or business obstacles.

The most powerful option is to work directly with the cause of one’s suffering rather than just the temporary symptoms. And, the most powerful route is through the healing of the heart. When heart energy flow is blocked by a lifetime of fear and survival-based conditioning, it is difficult to consciously attain one’s greatest dreams and desires.

Harun Rabbani is a heart energy expert specialising in people’s relationships. In addition, he integrates quantum physics with ancient healing practice to help his clients to regain good health for their mind, body and spirit. He considers himself an ‘accidental healer’ as much of his abilities as a energy expert were from his lineage of Sufi healers.

Much of Harun’s work is based at his two clinics in London and Kingston-Upon-Thames, England. However, he is available for distant healing sessions over Skype or telephone. He can be reached on harun@untangledfm.com or +44(0) 20 8123 6416


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