Mindfulness Haven Galway idea was born in 2019 out of our Sound Magic Ireland project. Since 2011 we have been sharing sound relaxation experience with thousands of people in Ireland. We travel around Ireland with our sounds and relaxation techniques, intending to assist all generations of people to feel more relaxed and at ease. We find that using mindfulness practice together with sound relaxation can have a profound effect. People learn a simple technique that they can bring home with them. In the last 8 years, we’ve developed our own unique way of working with sound.
We decided to open the studio in Galway to be able to provide a full experience with equipment that supports the relaxation even more.

At the heart of our services lies your well-being and total comfort so you can completely surrender and enjoy every session in our Studio.

We intend to share and promote meditation, mindfulness, sound healing and relaxation culture amongst all generations and communities, starting with children up to the senior ages.

We believe that relaxation is the key to a healthy mind and body, and is essential in our busy modern world.

We have programs designed for corporate wellness that can be tailored to your needs.


We offer highly discounted competitive rates if you do not need any equipment or do not want to use our marketing option. For regular classes over four weeks, discounts are offered as well. Contact us to find out which option is best for your needs.

This beautiful space is designed with care, focusing on your comfort, relaxation experience and rest. The studio is fully equipped:

28 yoga mats,
20 blankets,
20 buckwheat pillows,
20 eye pillows,
20 yoga bolsters,
20 meditation cushions
22 chairs,
multicolor lights,
Perfect for meditation, relaxation, yoga practice, or any training, and courses. The studio can take up to 28 yoga mats. It has natural light in the form of celling windows and air conditioning. The total area of the studio is 117 sqm (1250sqft), and it includes:

the main room (80 sqm),
changing room,
storage room for your equipment
Other benefits:

Thermostat regulated heating
Air conditioning
Natural light
Free parking outside the building up to 3h
For regular classes, we offer you an advertising opportunity on our professional website, through newsletters, FB sharing, and poster displays. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to grow your business.
You are not only renting a beautiful venue in a busy location but also have use of the full equipment that is rare to find in Galway, and have the benefits of advertising on the professional website.
It is available for rent to practitioners that focus on holistic, body and mind practice, to run regular classes, and for teachers who are looking for a space for weekend courses or workshops.


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