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Your weight loss is our privilege


Since we opened our first clinic in 1995, it has been our privilege to help thousands of Irish people make positive changes to their lives by achieving and maintaining their weight management goals. Focusing not just on what people eat, but WHY, our unique approach is based on the groundbreaking concept pioneered by the world-renowned bariatrician Dr Maurice Larocque. He developed the Motivation Programme to help people overcome the habits, behaviours and attitudes at the root of overeating and other unhealthy behaviours.

Paul and Aisling Connolly

The Motivation Programme was introduced to Ireland by company founders and directors Paul and Aisling Connolly, who have spent over 20 years working in weight management, 17 of them with Motivation. “The experience has changed our lives,” says Managing Director Paul Connolly. “We feel the Programme is making a major difference to the health of the nation and as our network of clinics continues to grow, we are delighted to bring our service to more and more people. We are passionate about helping our clients to live full, happy and healthy lives.”

Our clinic network – employing over 130 people

No matter where you live, there’s a nearby Motivation clinic where a team of our expert weight management advisers and receptionists are ready to help you. We currently have 30 clinics in Ireland and plan to open more in the coming years. Motivation Weight Management is an Irish-owned company, employing over 130 people working in our nationwide clinic network.

Our Promise to you

At Motivation, our goal is to help you achieve yours by enabling you to reach and maintain your preferred weight, while providing you with the highest standards of service, attention and care, in a warm and welcoming environment.

• All our clinics are bright, comfortable, well appointed and conveniently located, with opening hours to suit you.

• All consultations are one-to-one and completely confidential, so your privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

• We succeed where others fail because while dieting merely deals with the symptoms of being overweight, we tackle the underlying cause.

Our Mission Statement

By delivering outstanding customer service and attention, our dedicated team of caring professionals provides clinically proven, tailored solutions that motivate and empower our clients to enhance the quality of their lives, by achieving and maintaining their desired weight long term.


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