Numerology provides valuable information and guidance to allow us to discover our own true gifts talents and abilities and in doing so greatly enriches our lives physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Based on your date of birth and your name numerology provides valuable insights into various areas of your life such as career, health, relationships, your finances ,and in doing so empowers you to make new unlimited choices and realise your true potential. I have been a Numerologist, Angel card Reader, Holistic fair Co-ordinator for the past ten years.

I have also been studying the Law of Attraction and philosophy of “Consciously Creating goodness abundance in our lives” – as well as focusing on the conscious awareness that “Thoughts become
things…so choose good ones”.

I provide personal Numerology profile readings (which include Angel card and tarot card guidance), along with personalised affirmations and simple yet powerful energy clearing practices for my clients. I provide readings in person, by email, and Skype. I am also available to my clients for any follow up questions.


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