I am a trained nurse/midwife and began a quest for deeper answers to the causes of dis-ease which
led me to qualify as a Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist and Buteyko Breathing
Retrainer. As a complimentary therapist I was achieving good results for my clients but felt there
were more answers to find.
When I heard Joy Wisdom give a presentation on a new modality she was teaching I knew I had
found what I had been seeking. In 2007 Joy had channelled Quan Yin who requested she teach a
brand new healing modality, Opalescence LiGHt Healing. Kwan Yin told Joy it would be the highest
resonance energy on the planet, the resonance required to clear negativity making way for the new
energies of the Aquarian Age.
While Joy recognised the quality and potential of Opalescence LiGHt Healing, also realised she could
not use; humanity was not ready. Joy reported back to Quan Yin and gave her a list of what wourl
work well as a ‘stepping stone’ acceptable to everyone, enabling change in their HeARt. In 2008
Quan Yin gave Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing, the ideal ‘stepping stone’.
I have trained with Joy since 2010 and now practice in Ireland as a DARE (Dissolve And Resolve
Emotions) Practitioner offering sessions of deep clearing and resolution. We do not appreciate the
depth of negativity we hold; some of our making, much is inherited via our DNA or absorbed from
those around us, not our fault, but we live with the impacts and outcomes. This dilutes our pleasure
and enjoyment of life. A few DARE sessions can make a massive difference to our wellbeing and
I also offer Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing workshops, bringing many unique benefits incorporating a
support system of profound proportions. Connection to Diamond Inguz Energy helps individuals
keep out of the seesaw of emotions, improving their solar and sacral plexus function and connection
to the amazing YIN frequency as carried by deities including Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.
The workshop is delivered over 2 days where students are connected to their Solar Chakras including
Christ Consciousness, ‘I AM’ and Merkaba. 2 nd Heart Chakra is opened bringing new perceptions to
LOVE’ ONE LOVE’. Three new healing techniques are taught adding to the healers/practitioners


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