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Access one of the most powerful meditations you can ever find! I do not remember exactly how it was, but a year ago maybe I learned a very powerful manifestation technique, and along with my spirit guides, I was able to pretty much change my life. It is a manifestation technique that is practically guaranteed to get what you need (if you do it well, with an open heart and serves a good purpose.)

I bring you a powerful meditation that will help you visualize this technique. As a meditation, it brings positive subliminal messages, theta waves, healing energy and relaxing background music, it will help you manifest even more powerfully while you enjoy a beautiful journey. I’m not going to give examples! You just have to try the technique yourself, since you can read it here and that technique is what this meditation is based on. The only difference is that this meditation brings the power of manifestation and the law of attraction to the next level.

This meditation of 22 minutes, contains Theta brain waves with which we achieve a relaxation and a deeper healing. You will travel to a dimension where, following my voice, you will be able to manifest your deepest desires with ease. In addition, it has subliminal messages that can cross the barriers of fear and mental blocks, thus making healing from the inside much more effective.

Like in all my meditations, this one is combined with healing energy, positive affirmations, ambiance music as well as the Theta Brainwaves. You may experience:

– Deep meditation, for a perfect relaxation.
– Very high feelings of happiness and joy.
– It removes the fears and doubts that cause blockages.
– You will increase your energy vibrations attracting more positive energy in your life.
– Positive subliminal affirmations that will open many doors. Physical, mental and spiritual healing.

It will be a great journey:

– Duration: 22 minutes (6 minutes of relaxation).
– Goals: Manifesting a wish (one per session).
– Level: All
– Subliminal Messages: “I am healed.”, “I am happy”, “I am healthy”, “I accomplish what I manifest”, “I am joyful”, “I love my life”, “Everything is great”
– Background: Instrumental/Relaxing Music
– IMPORTANT: Don’t drive or use heavy machinery while using this Meditation.

Grab now your meditation “Receive a gift” and momentarily it will be downloading on your device.

Personalized meditations are available. Contact me and I will get back to you with more information.

If you want to share or gift this mediation, I will appreciate a lot if you bought another copy. It is easy to just make a copy, but it will help me a lot if you don’t. Contact me if you want to purchase various copies, I will give you a discount!

Thanks. Sending you lots of blessings and abundance.


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