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The Vision.
We all deserve, and are capable of achieving, the relationships, sex and Intimacy we desire.

Mark’s vision is to enable you to fulfil your potential by overcoming the blocks to Love, Relationships, Sex and Intimacy within yourself, your lover and resolving Conflict in your relationship. Together we will explore the relationships you have now to achieve the relationships you desire.

From finding that “Special Someone”, to establishing and maintaining openness, communication and intimacy and healthy sex within a relationship, Mark with his unique blend of talents provides a powerful support for obtaining your desires and fulfilling your potential.

Your Coach

Mark is a specialised Relationship, Sex, Intimacy and Conflict Coach and has obtained qualifications from the Irish Lifecoach Insitute, The Chandra Bindu Institute and Urban Tantra Institute. He works with you to explore as an individual or couple, the areas where your ability to attract and maintain healthy relationships can be improved.

Additionally, Mark is a qualified Trainer and Personal Development Tutor and has extensive experience with workshops and groups in the areas of Personal Development, Sex, Relationship and Intimacy
Mastery and Stress Management.

Mark also continues with his own personal development, delivers seminars, writes articles and blogs on Relationships , Sex, Intimacy and Tantra and undergoes continued training with some of the best teachers and organisations in the world today.


Acceptance is at the heart of Mark’s Relationship, Sex, Intimacy and Conflict coaching sessions. All sessions are conducted in a non-judgmental atmosphere, free from any criticism around gender identity, sexual preference or personal circumstances. This provides the fertile soil in which the seeds of true healing can be planted. Mark’s skills in Relationship, Sex, Intimacy and Conflict Coaching and Tantra provide the nurturing support for this healing to flourish, reach maturity and bear fruit.


Mark’s core principal is that the process is all about you. He is commited to supporting you in the process and the actions you take to achieve the relationship you truly desire. He offers the necessary discretion in a safe environment where rapport and trust can quickly be established, the issues fully explored and the relevant actions undertaken.


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