Meet David

David has been working with clients since 1998. Using his life experience and academic learning, he helps clients to reduce stress in their lives. He is a practitioner in the areas of Stress Reduction, Hypnotherapy and Counseling.

How can David help?

David assists both corporate and private clients to reduce the effects of stress from their private and working lives. David helps people to overcome a diverse range of issues. As a counselor; David has achieved success with clients in a variety of ways which include:

Stress management
Lack of Confidence
Communication Skills
Panic Disorders
Self Esteem

What methods does David use?

STRESS MANAGEMENT ~ Highly qualified in the practice of stress management, David holds personal consultations and group workshops on a regular basis both in a public and corporate capacity.

HYPNOTHERAPY ~ David is qualified to conduct hypnotherapy; this includes hypnotherapy for alcohol and weight loss hypnosis amongst many other causes.

COUNSELING ~ David also utilises counseling to assist clients with learning ways to deal with and overcome their personal issues. David has been a practicing counselor since 1998. He trained and studied with SNHS and CMIT.


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