Here at The Retreat Kinsale we have dedicated ourselves to being students of life.We have studied and worked in many fields including health care, and this, including our own trials with our physical and mental health, has given us the true understanding of the wisdom ‘your health is your wealth’.

​We don’t believe however that an individual should require wealth in order to obtain health. We believe passionately in preventative health care and treating the individual as a whole; hence holistic therapy. We will endeavour to provide our clients with a service in simple seclusion, one-on-one, in order to optimise their results.


Services we provide:

For The Body

​Neck, Back & Shoulders treatment, 50mins, € 50.00

​The Retreat Bespoke Experience, 60mins, €60.00

​The Retreat Kinsale Signature Treatment, 2 Hours, €120.00.

​Reflexology, 55mins, €55.00.

​Indian Face massage, 30mins, €30.00.

​Herbalism consultation: €50.00.

​Holistic Personal Training, €20.00 per session.

​Companion Animal Therapy, 60mins, €30.00.

​​For The Mind:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy session, 45mins, €45.

​Initial Hypnotherapy session, 90mins, €60, initial consultation of 30mins is complimentary.

​2nd and subsequent Hypnotherapy sessions, €60.00.

​Stress & Anxiety Management Programme, €360.00

​Weight-Loss motivation & management programme €300.00

​Smoking Cessation hypnotherapy programme €250.00

​Guided Meditation session, 45mins, €45.00.


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