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Have you ever wondered which of all animals on earth are you most close? What arouses your admiration, awe or the greatest sympathy? From which animal most you identify yoursel? Would you even for a moment to look at the world around you through his eyes, to feel its strength, delicacy, or agility? Animal that pleasure in itself the most and with whom you feel the deepest emotional bond is likely to be your personal power animal. The notion of the animal’s power comes from the shamanic practices, but the animal is not attributed only the shaman profession.

Animal power as an apprentice shaman

Power Animals – Lets  first check what is the power animal in shamanic beliefs. Power animals are spirit helpers, the shaman, who are faithful companions of any healer, without them, the shaman would not be able to achieve many things and heal. These are guides who help him in visions and hiking in the other dimensions in search of a lost soul, animal power, if necessary remedy for a given ailment. Shamanism speaks of many kinds of ghosts cooperating with the shaman. Some are present with him constantly, while others come to him in response to a call for assistance or advice. We can distinguish many kinds of spirits that help healer, but generally speaking, spirit guides the shaman perform the following functions: they are the spiritual guides in different states of consciousness, are teachers, they play a protective function, advisory and auxiliary, eg. In the practices and rituals of shamanic persist shaman in good physical and mental health, some appear only in the states specific threat in response to a call for help. It lists, for example: guard ghosts, spirits-educators, spirits-helpers, ghost-guides, nature spirits, power animals, as well as totems, or spirits of certain clans.

Disease, and the loss of animal power

Power Animals – what exactly are the guardian spirits, also known as power animals? In fact, these terms are used interchangeably, as the guardian spirits usually taking the form of an animal. According to the shamanic beliefs of each person has their own individual animal power, otherwise he would not be able to survive here on Earth for a long time; by shamans the sick people without power for life, unhappy are those who have lost their animal power. No animal power makes they can not find the way to themselves, it’s hard for them to function in society, establish contacts and relationships with other people. Leaving the animal power makes them feel alone, immersed in a void, often suffer from depression, isolating themselves from the outside and not seeing anything to nor joy.

Shamanic practitioners Harner in his book Fri. “The way the shaman” describes that shamans believe that good health and energy of many Westerners indicates that they have their own power animals. These signs, their external manifestations of power. According to the shamans of the unconscious where does their power is truly tragic phenomenon, because it does not allow full use of the power of the animal. Those who lost their guardian spirits, eg. A child – suffer from various diseases without realizing that this is because they have lost their source of power that have their power the energy and good health.

There is nothing surprising in this, if we understand that the shaman is obvious connection between the animal world and the human; they are not separate worlds, but everything fits together and made up. Animals are according to Indian beliefs, our younger brothers, deeply linked with us. How to recognize the power of your pet?

Each animal power is characterized by the fact that it appears in dreams or visions, and have a supernatural ability, which in ordinary reality does not have, for example. Animal that is a mammal, appears winged in space, changes its form, takes on human form or is capable of human to speak. It all testifies to his extraordinary abilities and power. In the book Harner Fri. “Road Shaman” says: “The fact that the spirit of caring in the form of animal power has the ability to speak to the shaman or appearance in human form, is regarded as a manifestation of its power. When the healer is the patron of such an animal, it acts as his alter ego, giving the shaman the power to transform the human form of animal power and back. ”

The authors report that, in order to experience the transformation into an animal, shamans often adopt certain hallucinogens, but, according to Harner, many tribes shaman need only the sound of the drum, rattle, ritual dance, proper preparation, costume and mask, which allow to empathize with the his guardian spirit. With this special treatment shaman can almost fully experience the movements and the identity of your pet. Of course, all this takes place in an altered state of consciousness in which collapses specified healer.

Regular care of animal power

Power Animals – Shamans  believe that our animal power us not to be left with no regular care. This is done by means of ritual dances in which you can make contact with the animal and allow him to live a moment in our body so that it can, for a while, enjoy the physical shell. While such practices often feel the urge to issue specific sounds or movements of the animal. This means that it has established a contact with him, and it wants to take advantage of our short-term gift. In any event, the exchange is reciprocal. From descriptions Harner shows that the greatest joy for ministering spirits is the sense of re-existence in the form of material for a while. Therefore, like when once in a while a man lends them his body dances. Power Animal ward offers his patronage, a special power and wisdom of a species or class of animals which represents a man offers his animal body and the freedom of movement once in a while. “I like a man wants to experience the unusual reality by becoming a shaman, as guardian spirit could want experience the reality ordinary by entering the body of a living man.”

According to the shamans ignorance Westerners about the specific needs of your animal power it is the reason that another guardian spirits from them go, because they feel neglected. As a result, a man falls into certain diseases and ceases to be adequately protected, it loses its life force and resistance, easier to hurt him both physically and mentally.

The author M. Lörler in the book Fri. “Healing Shamanism” describes that respect which have for their animal guardians shamans are so huge that they believe a man who lost his power animal would have no chance to survive for more than seven years. This is due to the fact that without the power and protection of animal guardian spirit would not be able to face the dangers and obstacles posed by life. He adds that with time animal guardian may vary and take various animal forms depending on the needs of man.

This is why it is so important to take care and respect of his guardian spirit, if you already know what kind is your animal. As I wrote in the introduction, it is often an animal, which feed the special sympathy or admire its beauty and strength, often appears in our dreams, or just establish contact with us through all sorts of visions, or other altered states of consciousness. People can have the same animal allies, but only apparently the same, because it is always unique and individual guardian spirit of the species associated with specific and one man. According to the shamans of animal power you can be sometimes several at once.

My experience

Power Animals – On the end I would like to express its own views on animal power. I think certainly there and support us on our spiritual journey. Sam experienced a few times meeting with their pets power. As described shamans – guardian spirits usually appear in dreams; then you feel them especially close bond, which remains in us, even when you wake up. Their special feature is usually the ability to transform, or transformation into other beings or objects, characterizes them as having some unusual features, such as animal power can be a winged horse, supernaturally large wolves, or talking hawk. Animal power personally experienced not only in dreams, but in visions between the state of wakefulness and sleep, so I’m sure that our connection with them is something real. White Wolf is my most frequently occurring animal power, which is particularly dear to me. One dream was for me and I remember it special today. My animal power allowed me to take his form and feel what it’s like to run his character. It was an unforgettable and wonderful experience. Other animals I’ve seen in dreams or visions, which exhibited characteristics of the animal power to deer, puma, bears and various birds of prey.

No internal balance

Power Animals – I think animal guardians are assigned to us by our Higher Self, who cares about our incarnation on Earth. You could say that they are messengers of ourselves. In another case, they may also be one of our lives from other dimensions. I believe that the disease or depression is not directly caused by man leave his animal power, but is a consequence of strong internal balance of perdition. When we lose it appear various diseases, depression, feeling of being unhappy and so on. Usually it is a direct indication that we have in itself some unresolved issues that require immediate trace and healing. Another consequence of this imbalance is to leave by our animal power, probably because it can not operate in an environment of complete internal energy balance disorders. It was not until her reinstatement, or cure the internal cause of the disease may lead to his return. Animal power is our spiritual ally, support and a sign of our inner strength and balance. His presence and nature shows us the qualities that we should cultivate more in your life, and those for which we should be more careful. By. my power animal is a peculiar manifestation of our inner spirit – when we lose connection with yourself, that your own heart (soul / source), then we lose the connection to the whole world of nature, and hence our animal ally. This is because of the fact that what manifests itself on the outside is a reflection of what is inside. When there is a serious illness and leaves animal power, it means that you yourself went away from yourself and you need to return to equilibrium.

That’s why for me it is very important to nurture your relationship with yourself and nature around us from which they derive. When we cease to respect yourself and Mother Earth, when we lose the organic link connecting us, then it becomes an alien and unfavorable, because this is one of the main laws of the universe. This is what you give – you receive. I believe that only the restoration of a personal relationship with its interior and the material and the spiritual world of nature renews contact and covenant with our personal power animal. Then back to us, which is gone, or there is new, which is a manifestation of our new harmonious approach to life and himself.

How the Power Animals cherish the bond with your pet power? Personally, I feel that everyone should do it, as from the moment of awareness of its existence tells him the same spirit of caring by intuition. Ways can be many. If someone feels that as shamans, from time to time to dance your dance ritual in which an animal will be his guardian to feel for a moment a material form – let them do so. In the relationship with our animal power, it is important to cultivate closeness and a deeper understanding of its features. This may be eg. Common thinking about our animal, to know it in a natural environment, looking at the pictures and images of representatives of its genre, collecting his likenesses, figures or symbols Never dispose of some of your favorite bed. It is important to get to know their nature, habits and characteristics of the flagship; trying insights not only in their animal, but spiritual nature. All of this in my opinion is conducive to deepening the ties between us and our animal cares. With spiritual beings is the same as with others, you need to take care of them and show them our love, respect and gratitude, then you will certainly be with us and continue to support your strength and wisdom

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