Yoga for Everybody in Dun Laoghaire!
In my classes the priority is you.  You are in the centre of our universe.
We provide Yoga that adapts to the needs of Western, 21st century bodies and their limitations, not the other way round!
Doesn’t matter your age or your level of fitness.  Doesn’t matter your shape or weight.
Really, doesn’t matter! We make Yoga accessible to everybody!

Yoga all Levels – Vinyasa Yoga – Restorative Yoga – Yoga for Active Retirement – Chair Yoga –  Corporate Yoga

In my classes you will feel comfortable and welcomed, even if you feel too stiff or too unfit, even if you have never tried before. We will help you to make peace with yourself and your body and feel ok just being you!
From that starting point of acceptance of your present state of fitness, flexibility, strength and relaxation, you will be able to grow week by week, class by class.
We try to make exercise and workout fun and enjoyable so you can adopt it as a part of your normal routine and enjoy the benefit for as long as you live.
So, everybody is welcome at Yoga Fitness Dublin, with the idea that everybody has the right to practise yoga to help to heal their body, mind and soul!

If you want to:
Get more flexible and supple. Improve general strength and stamina coupled with mental relaxation. Improve your posture and alignment to feel and look more healthy and confident and to avoid pain and injuries.
Feel at home in your own body. More comfortable, more at easy.
Learn to relax and release stress efficiently. Improve concentration and focus.

And at the same time you want:  A bright, uplifting, caring, relaxed and fun atmosphere
To feel welcomed, appreciated, in a positive and encouraging learning environment, where you can work at your own pace and respecting your own limits ,enhanced by the friendliness of the students.
Classes with mixed ages and ability serve to inspire, it reinforces a sense that it’s never too late to pursue a goal!

Come to my classes and be part of the Yoga Revolution!


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